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About Be|Morocco

Be Morocco is a travel agency based in Casablanca.

Managed by a group of young enthusiastic Berbers from a small village in the Southeast of Morocco. We are a company of trusted and experienced guides and drivers who will ensure your comfort, safety and pleasure during the whole trip throughout the stunning landscapes of Morocco. We offer well-designed tours and itineraries, combined with adventure, culture, and history, that cover almost every place that worth visiting in Morocco; including the Sahara desert and the Imperial cities such as Marrakech, Fes and Meknes.


Our guides/drivers speak Berber as a native language. They also speak English, Spanish and French, and upon request, we can provide guides speaking Portuguese and Italian.


Lodging will be at 3, 4 & 5***** stars hotels or in exotic Riads. In the desert, overnight will be in nomad berber tents under starry sky


We provide vehicles equipped with A/C such as Toyota 4x4, Land-Cruiser, Mitsubishi 4x4, vans and camels for the desert tours.

Featured Tours

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Get the chance to have an exclusive view of Morocco from the coast to the desert.

Tours from Marrakech

Travel deep via the fascinating landscapes of Morocco with tours from Marrakesh.

Tours from Fes

Discover the best of Morocco like a local in a private tour from Fes.

Tours from Tangier

Experience culture, history and the authentic imperial cities from the North to the South.

Our Team

Amar Ait Bahadou

The manager of Be Morocco. He is a highly experienced tour operator. In addition to his fluent English, he is also good at French and Portuguese.

Zaid Boumeshoul

An experienced driver and multilingual guide. He speaks Berber as a native language, also fluent in Spanish, French, Italian and Arabic.

Hassan Ouadirou

He has been driving tourists in Morocco for over 6 years. He speaks fluent English, French and Spanish as well as his native language Tamazight and Moroccan Arabic.

Hassan Ouyahia

He is known for his enthusiasm and humor as well as his passion for sharing his knowledge. He speaks fluent Spanish, French and English, in addition to his Tamazight language and Moroccan Arabic.





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Be|Morocco Tours Packages

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