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Frequently Asked Questions

1Why BeMorocco ?
Be Morocco is a tourism agency founded by two brothers from a small village in the Sahara desert. As they descend from a nomad family, they gained a deep knowledge of the Berber culture and traditions. They have both majored in the field of English Language, which enables them to communicate and share their background knowledge and heritage with their clients.
2Is Morocco a safe destination?
With thousands of tourists coming every year, Morocco is considered a safe holiday destination compared to other Arab countries. Moroccan people are much known for their warm hospitality and they make sure you feel home wherever you go to. Once you face a problem, Moroccans do make efforts to provide assistance whenever needed.
3What is the best time to visit Morocco?
The weather in Morocco varies from one place to another. However, itis recommended to visit Morocco in winter (Jan/Feb) when the weather is pleasantly sunny and warm which leads to some stunning photos. During midsummer, it is very hot in the south, though Sahara desert would be wonderful destination for some people to enjoy the hot sun.
4Is it safe to travel to Sahara desert?
We are often asked if it is safe to travel to Sahara desert, the answer is YES! The desert is a recommended destination for everyone traveling to Morocco. For some visitors the Sahara desert is the absolute highlight of their trip.
5Things not to miss in Morocco?
Morocco is a very rich country culturally and historically. You MUST see many things while in Morocco. The Imperial cities (Fes, Marrakech, Meknes…) with its iconic monuments that indicate the history of Morocco. The Sahara desert, another impressive destination of thousands of tourists. Experience camel trekking through the spectacular dunes of Sahara and spend a memorable night in Berber tents under a starry sky. Atlas Mountains (High, Middle, and Anti) provide breathtaking views of the great beauty of Morocco. Waterfalls of Ouzoud, the charming Cascades in Morocco with overhanging cafés that overlook the beautiful waterfalls. Crafts: from carpets and ceramics to fossils and leatherwork. Morocco’s craft traditions is extraordinary. Hammam: traditional bath that worth trying while in Morocco. Tea (mint tea): “Whisky Berber” Barbary apes in the cedar forests of the middle Atlas make a wonderful destination to visit. Volubilis Monuments, the beautiful ruins of Roman. Chefchaouen: Blue City.
6Terms of booking a tour?

Our team at Be Morocco are available 24/24 to receive your emails, once you get the itinerary that meets your requirements and upon the confirmation of the tour, we require a deposit of 30% to make the reservation and get everything ready.

7Do I need Vaccination?
No vaccination is required when traveling to Morocco. However, for water we recommend drinking mineral water instead of tap water.
8Credit cards in Morocco
Credit cards are accepted at large stores, hotels, and restaurants, whereas cash is required in small shops and Souks.
9 Exchange money in Morocco
Exchange your money when you arrive at the airport or use local banks and ATM machines. Be prepared to have enough cash when traveling outside cities, as the ATM machines are rare in rural areas.
10Is there any dress code in Morocco?
No. You can wear whatever makes you comfortable. Morocco is very tolerant and you are not expected to act or look like a Moroccan. However, in rural areas we recommend dressing conservatively to avoid unwanted attention.
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The manager of Be Morocco. He is a highly experienced tour operator. In addition to his fluent English, he is also good at French and Portuguese.

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